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The Girl Next Door lyrics


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     The Girl Next Door
    >> Blink 182
        White girl living in the big city
    In a big apartment house
    She's living with her boyfriend now
    She drives off every day for school and work
    She washes dishes now
    And watches tv on the pull out couch
    But every day's the same x2
    And every day's the same x5
    White girl moved back to the suburbs
    And she finally found a man
    Who knows how to take care of her
    She bought the perfect little house
    And the lawn's well manicured
    And she'd never missed a day of work
    And every day's the same x7
    White girl couldn't go on knowing
    She was just here wasting her time
    She drowned in the lake last night
    They found her bloated body floating
    But she still walks around
    Performing all her daily chores
    She still don't know what life's about
    She still don't know what life's about
    Cause every day's the same
    And every day's the same x6
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